About Me

Hmm so you're looking to find out some more about me, are you? Well, I started this little blog way back in 2011 (can you believe it?!) as a fun, creative space where I could write, share my thoughts and memories, and meet other bloggers with similar interests. Longtime readers will know that, since then, I have taken quite a few hiatuses for various reasons -- mostly, having a hard time juggling the blogging with a full-time job and getting out there living a real life. If I'm completely honest, I still struggle with balancing it all and usually don't get to post as often as I would like to. But, I just could never stay away for long!

Since then, I have gotten married to the love of my life, steadily moved up in my career in advertising, and learned so much about web design, social media, beauty, home decor (we recently bought our first home!), etc. But my love of fashion, writing, and meeting/supporting fellow bloggers remains.

With this blog, I hope to bring you easy, everyday outfit ideas to help save you time in the mornings, when you're standing in front of your closet trying to find something to wear (we all have those dreaded moments). Whether it's sharing my personal outfits, my dream outfits, celebrity looks for less, affordable shopping guides, beauty product recommendations, etc. I hope to bring you a little inspiration and start a conversation with this little blog of mine.

Some more fun facts about me, while you're here: I'm a 20-something who was born and raised in Los Angeles. Can't go a day without my two cups of coffee. Could spend hours in a good bookstore. Francophile (and also trilingual). Absolutely love baking, shopping, writing, trying new restaurants, and traveling to beautiful, faraway places.

As always, I adore and appreciate all of you guys reading this and commenting and following! For more of my daily life, make sure to follow me on Instagram @dreamingenfrancais.