About Me

Hmm so you're looking to find out some more about me, are you? I'm kind of having an "uhhh..." moment here, but I'll give it a go. I'm a 20-something currently working in advertising. Born and raised in Los Angeles. Newlywed. Love clothes, love good food, love traveling to faraway places, love art. Can't go a day without my two cups of coffee. Could spend hours in a good bookstore. Francophile (and also trilingual). Absolutely love baking, shopping, writing, sleeping, and meeting new people. 

About the blog.. I wanted to create my own little space with no rules and no limits. What that basically means is, while the blog is mostly about fashion, I will also use it for thoughts, ideas, memories, travels, anything I find inspiring or funny that morning, etc. I also had the brilliant idea of showing you all outfits that are affordable and accessible to every woman.

As always, I adore all of you guys reading this and commenting and following!