Friday's Fancies


Guess who made her way back to her little blog? This girl. I know I've been a pretty terrible blogger.. I've almost forgotten how this thing works! Okay, not really. I don't have any good excuses as to why I've been missing. And I will refrain from promising to be better because, well, we've seen how that's gone in the past. But one of the many things I've missed about blogging -- Friday's Fancies, of course! This week on {long distance loving} we're putting together our favorite looks for running errands. And for me, when I picture myself running around the city trying to get things checked off my to-do list, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. But that doesn't mean you'll see me out and about in sweats! When it comes to running errands, a pair of perfectly worn-in boyfriend jeans, a graphic tee {I've already showcased my love for those here} and some cute flat sandals are ideal. And as much as I love big bags, a cross-body one is much easier to lug around when it comes down to doing business.
Top: Wildfox; Jeans: Rag & Bone; Shoes: ASOS; Bag: Michael Kors; Hat: Charlotte Russe; Bracelet: Kate Spade

Even though I'm an LA girl through and through, this shirt from Wildfox Couture was too cute to pass up! What's your favorite go-to outfit for running errands?

PS - Although I haven't been around, I've heard talk about GFC disappearing soon and while I don't know what's happening with that, I do know you can very easily transfer the blogs you're following over to Bloglovin so please be sure to follow along {here}

PPS - Since people have asked, I've tried adding links to where you can find these items below the collage and will make it a point to try doing that from now on! Enjoy!

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