Happiness Is..


I'm sure most of you have seen monthly "photo a day" challenges all over Instagram, but did you know these things also exist in the blogging world? I didn't. I can never be dedicated enough to stick to something like this and follow it too strictly for the entire month, but I was intrigued by the idea of posting about one topic each day, especially because lately I've been re-evaluating {in a good way!} the content of this little blog and what I want to talk more or less about, how I want to use this space, etc. I'm not planning on sticking to this on a daily basis, and I'm already breaking the rules {choosing to talk about yesterday's topic instead of today's} but I found the concept interesting so here it is. What makes me happy.

Looking at the stars
Reading & writing & taking road trips
The beach
Bonfires at the beach
Staying home on a rainy day
A good massage
A good manicure
The city of Paris
The smell of a home cooked meal
Mojitos & margaritas
Sushi & calamari & sweet potato fries
Coffee & chocolate & warm chocolate croissants with coffee
Avocados & fresh guacamole
Little dachshund puppies
Getting a good night's sleep
A day at the museum
Spontaneous adventures
Receiving flowers
A new, blank journal
Toasty pajamas straight from the dryer
Little old bookshops

What are some things that make YOU happy?

ps - In case you were wondering, or wanted to take part in the challenge, I found it {here}

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