Five Things


Andrea recently tagged me in this fun little "Five Things About Me" post that's been going around. So, here they are! 

I'm ridiculously afraid of lizards and have been since I was little. Like many people, most creepy crawly things freak me out in general but for some reason the sight of a lizard -- regardless of its size -- just makes me extra squeamish

I've never dyed or highlighted my hair but have been considering it lately.. though I'm terrible at making spur of the moment decisions about ANYTHING, so I'm sure it will take me a while before I actually make any major changes to it

When I was younger, I wanted to grow up to be either an author or a chef.. although my ideal job now would be in book or magazine publishing, I still secretly dream of being published myself someday

I'm not an athletic person whatsoever and I'm almost embarrassed to be admitting it. I used to play volleyball years ago but for some reason didn't stick with it and now can't even get motivated enough to go to the gym

Overly crowded spaces stress me out and I like to avoid them whenever I can -- which is why I hate leaving any sort of holiday shopping to the last minute 

I tag Ashton, Jackie, Tiffany, Kristen, and Kate. And anyone else who wants to do one! 

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