How to Beat the Block


I've probably already talked about writer's block on here before. In fact, I'm almost sure I have. Whether we're talking blog posts, or writing creative fiction, or poetry, or an academic essay, writer's block is pretty much the worst. We can all agree on that. When it comes to my own writing outside of this blog, it can drive me crazy at times. So here are some fresh ways to beat it! As a side note, I know different things work for different people so don't get discouraged if some {or all} of these don't really do much for you. Use that as an excuse to sit down and come up with your own creative ways to beat the block. Believe it or not, just thinking of ideas helps! 

Find a photo. From anywhere.. Pinterest, Google, old family albums, even an old thrift shop. The idea here is to turn to this photo for inspiration. Not knowing the subjects in the photo or what was going on when it was taken makes it all that much better. Make it all up yourself. Or just use this photo to think of a few blog post ideas. 

Give yourself themes. Keep them short and concise, maybe just a word. Again, this can work in your own creative writing or if you're fresh out of post ideas. Your theme can be anything from "birthdays" {for a fashion blog: what to wear to one; cooking blog: what to bake; lifestyle blog: what are some of your favorite birthday memories; diy blog: homemade gift ideas} to "geometric shapes" to "toys".. see where I'm going with this? You absolutely don't have to stick to the literal, either. It's your theme, you can do anything you want. 

Go somewhere new. It can be as simple as a shop you've always passed by but never stepped into or or if you have more time to spare turn it into a little road trip. The point is to take in the new. You never know what kind of people you'll come across, what sights, what smells.

Don't forget about the old, though. Chances are you have so many likes, dislikes, pet peeves, interests, talents, favorite quotes. You have friends, family, people you come in constant contact with, people you admire. Draw inspiration from these different aspects of yourself and your everyday life, looking at it from a different angle.

Read. I've found that I get inspired by reading some of my favorites -- favorite books, authors, even blogs or magazines. This doesn't necessarily give me content ideas, but it inspires me to write nonetheless, and I think writing through the writer's block {even if it doesn't end up to be your best writing} is always better than sitting and waiting for it to blow over.. I know from personal experience, this can lead to getting stuck in a rut!

What are some little things you do to break through writer's block when it hits?

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