A Few Things


Sweater, Pants, and Scarf: H&M; Boots: Diva Lounge; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Bag: c/o OASAP

I'm still deciding on whether or not I'll do an actual post about Golden Globes fashion..
but I did watch the show and I thought Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were perfect hosts!

Big guilty pleasure -- Mob Wives. Does anyone else watch this show?!
I'm SO glad they're back with a new season. Love it!

Whoever came up with the term "retail therapy" really knew what they were talking about..
shopping is absolutely therapeutic {especially when done with my sister}
and I have the receipts to show it from this past weekend!

Caramel coffee cake is also therapeutic.. just thought I'd throw that out there

Lately I've been really wanting to try out a new nail shade -- navy blue.
I've never really ventured out into the blues when it comes to nails.. what do you think?

And speaking of color. Army green. I love pairing these pants with neutrals,
and lately I've been on the hunt for the perfect army green parka

I recently tried coffee with almond milk instead of creamer while out to breakfast..
and all I can say to that is YUM

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