Checked Out


Cardigan: Angl; Top: Gift; Pants: Olivaceous; Boots: Cathy Jean; Scarf: Gift

When you go up to order a drink at Juice-it-up,
order something totally different than what you had decided to get
and don't even realize what you did until the drink is ready and you've started sipping on it..
that's when you know you've officially checked out for the semester.
Yes, true story. Happened to me. Almost ashamed to be re-telling it here. Almost.
To be honest, the minute Thanksgiving is over and done with,
I get the urge to pull out the Christmas music.
And all I wanna do is decorate, bake, and go out to see all the pretty houses lit up.
Yes I'm one of those people.
Which is a long-winded way of saying, by this point,
I pretty much think I'm already on winter break.
That's the nice thing about still being in school..
great big breaks to look forward to. Winter break. Spring break. Summer break.
What happens when you get a real 9 to 5?
And you have to actually, you know, sit there until 5 every. single. day.
How do all you brave people do it?

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