All Dogs Go to Heaven


I should probably preface this post by saying that it is not an easy one to write. And that I usually try to keep the blog positive and only show the happy parts of life {can you tell?} like most blogs tend to do, but that in no way means that things are positive or happy all the time. 
Over the weekend, we had to say goodbye to Snoopy. And after having him in our lives and in our home every day for the past 10 years, it was an incredibly difficult thing to do, letting go. He has literally been by my side since elementary school up through college, and we have always treated him less like a dog and more like another member of the family. So needless to say, those final days were heart wrenching. And now our home feels slightly emptier, quieter. But as days go by, I slowly start to feel comforted. Comforted by the fact that he was so loved and spoiled, not only in his final days but his entire life. Comforted by the fact that his last moments were peaceful, at his own home, surrounded by his family. Comforted by the fact that he is in heaven now. It's just one of those things -- you know that it's a part of life, and that the time was going to come eventually, yet you can never ever be fully prepared for it. Today, it's still hard and it still hurts. But I'm choosing to focus instead on how happy he made us and how happy we made him, in a world where, sadly, not all dogs get that kind of love. So, Snoop, thank you for always picking up on my every emotion, for sitting with me when you knew I had a bad day, for greeting me with your tail wagging every time I walked through the door, for making sure I never really felt alone, and for loving unconditionally. 

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