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When you work {or in my case, intern} in a fairly casual environment, sometimes that makes it even more difficult to figure out what to wear every morning. There's a fine line between dressing comfortable and, well, looking too casual. I usually prefer to skip the jeans and sandals and go for more sophisticated options, while still avoiding being overly stuffy in business attire when everyone else in the office is so relaxed. So, with the weather being as hot as it has been these past couple of weeks, for me this has resulted in skirts, dresses, flats, and colored denim. I usually throw on a light cardigan to keep the look modest and office appropriate {and because I've found that most offices automatically crank up the AC to almost uncomfortable temps}. Here are two looks I've recreated that are fairly similar to ones I've put together and worn in the past week. Sadly, I don't have a photographer handy at the office so you're just going to have to take my word on it this time.
Cardigan: Rick Owens; Tank: Vanessa Bruno; Skirt: Desire Clothing; Flats: Madewell
Top: Rag & Bone; Jeans: River Island; Flats: Tory Burch; Necklace: Anton Heunis

What do you usually wear to work? Is your work environment more on the casual side, too, or is business attire strictly enforced? My first job in high school was in retail and I remember we were required to wear the store's clothing, or pieces resembling what they would sell. I'm so grateful that I no longer have a uniform, so to speak, and I have much more creative freedom with what I wear and how I wear it, while still following the basic, unspoken rules of office attire.

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