Today you are getting a special cameo from someone who doesn't get the attention he deserves on this little blog.
Especially when compared to other fabulous bloggers {ahem, Tiffany and Sherman}. 
This little someone is the same someone who stands in my bedroom doorway at about the same time every morning and whines, saying "please bring me my doggy bed so I can keep you company." Pretty sweet, I must admit. 
He also gives you accusing looks anytime you sit at the table and try to eat, well, anything.
And don't try to avoid eye contact, because he will just stand up with his front paws on your leg, lay his chin right there on your thigh, and guilt trip you some more. He sure knows how to work those puppy-dog eyes of his.
When we first brought him home, 10 years ago {holy moly!}, he was 2 months old and our family's first dog.
We had set up a fluffy bed, food and water bowls, and lots of toys in the laundry room, and decided it would be a good idea for him to sleep there {I'm aware of how cruel and heartless that makes us sound now, but our intentions were 100% good ones}.
Wrong. This dog loves to be where we are. Period.
Staying in the dark laundry room of a scary, unfamiliar house all night when you're 2 months old is no joke.
And he made sure to tell us this.
Needless to say, he stayed in that room for all of 20 minutes {if that} before we decided it wouldn't work out in there.
Despite the fact that he was NOT potty trained at that point
and my mom had made it clear that she did NOT want little doggy surprises all over the house.
He's been free to roam around -- and sleep anywhere in the house he wants -- ever since.
Funny how they can wrap you around their little paws, isn't it?
But really, how does one say no to that face? 

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