On Blogging



Guys, I've been a bad blogger. 
I had no post planned or scheduled or even thought out yesterday, I've probably been super slow responding to comments, and I am way behind on all of the blogs that I love to read. And all of this got me thinking about blogging. It's a funny thing. For some bloggers who have hit it big, it's quite literally their full time job. Those ladies have the means and the time to put their all into those blogs, to pose for daily outfit photos around town, and to spend all day tweaking their websites if they so desire. And don't get me wrong, some of those blogs are my favorite daily reads so more power to them! And for others, it's just a hobby. It doesn't matter how consistently they post, as long as they do it when the mood strikes or when inspiration hits.

I guess at this point, over a year after starting this little blog {although I did take a long hiatus for a while last year}, I don't fully fit either of those categories. It's definitely far from being my job, let's just put it that way. I started this as more of a hobby, with no clear plan or idea of how often I'd post or what category or niche my content would fall into, and definitely did not expect to have anywhere near 100 followers, if that. I barely even knew how to check my stats or add buttons to the sidebar. 
But now, I'm at this place where I'd say blogging on here is sorta therapeutic. 
That's not to say I sit here and go on and on about how stressed I am, or what a bad day I had, etc. 
{okay, with the exception of those one-liners during finals week.. but you guys can handle those, right?} 
But even just talking about clothes or food or whatever else we talk about on this blog, 
reading and replying to comments, reading YOUR blogs, is a way for me to unwind amidst 
working, interning, studying. All of which I will be doing this semester.
I love having my own little space where I can pretty much say or do whatever I want and share my photos, 
and I love making blog friends around the world who are regulars on here. 
Which is really a long-winded way of saying: it's fun. 
I still feel guilty when I miss a day on here, whether due to writer's block or a hectic schedule 
{this week it was a combination of both}, not because I feel like I'm letting anyone down 
or that anyone would be SO disappointed to come here and not see a new post. 
But just because, I actually like the time I spend doing this. 
It's not a job or an obligation, and as long as it's still fun, I'll still be blogging.  

So. If you read all that, I'd love to hear all of your thoughts on blogging. 
What is blogging for you? Do you have a strict schedule or routine? 

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