My Almost-Sweatpants


Top: Gift; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Gift; Necklace: Forever21; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I stumbled upon these pants by accident. Around this time last year, while in Europe with one of my closest friends, my entire luggage managed to get lost and somehow didn't find its way back to me throughout the duration of our two weeks spent there {it did find its way home to LA a few days after I did, though}. And I'm sure I've shared this story on here before so to keep it fairly short -- we had to do a whole lot of shopping at H&M. Because I was in desperate need of something comfortable to sleep in, I was so happy to have found these pants {in grey}. So yes, they were initially my pajamas/sweats. But sometime after those first couple of days of "what am I going to do for two weeks without my own clothes?!" I decided to let the luggage situation go and make the best of what I had {not too hard to do with new clothes} so I got creative and eventually realized how darn cute the pants were when dressed up and worn out. So naturally, I got them in a few other colors and now I love them as an alternative to black skinny jeans. They really are as comfortable as they look, but the high waist keeps the outfit from looking sloppy. Over the weekend, I paired the pants with a simple white top and minimal jewelry for a surprise party.

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