Acts of Kindness


Believe it or not, this post is NOT going to be about food. At least, not really. 

On Sunday, the sister and I went to a small Indian restaurant for lunch and some girl time -- remember our love of Indian food, as expressed {here}? Yeah, I wasn't joking. The sister had a "buy one entree, get a second entree free" coupon, so after sitting down and ordering all our food, we gave the coupon to our waiter. After a beyond-yummy and fulfilling meal, our waiter brought over the check and told us he had given us a "100% discount." We weren't sure what that meant, so we kinda assumed he just meant he honored the coupon. Imagine our surprise when our bill came out to be less than $2 {which was the tax, and only the tax}. So instead of scoring a free entree, we ended up scoring a free MEAL, which included drinks, entrees, and sides, paying only the tax and tip. 

Of course, this made our entire day -- not only because FREE is a number we all love, 
but mostly because it was so unexpectedly nice of the guy. And it got me thinking about random acts of kindness. And how the world would be a happier place if everyone took the time to pass one tiny, minuscule act of kindness to another person, whether that person is a stranger or the one you love. I'm not saying every day. And I'm not saying it has to be something over-the-top or Earth shattering. Sometimes even an unexpected warm smile at work lifts my mood for at least the rest of the afternoon. 

So whether it's passing on an uneaten meal to the homeless or holding the door for someone with their arms full, these things will not go unnoticed. This guy may not have known it at the time, but his 100% discount came on a day when I really could've used a smile. Funny how things work out sometimes, isn't it? 

So you never know what your random act of kindness will do for someone else. 
Just something to think about on this Thursday.  

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