How To: The Perfect Sunday Night


I've never been a huge fan of Sunday evenings. To me, it has always marked the end of the weekend, which also usually means back to reality {dreaded Monday mornings}, whether it's early classes or going to work. But because I don't believe in developing a case of "the Sundays" in the summertime {and because summer break somewhat feels like one perpetual weekend at times}, the sister and I decided to make the most of our Sunday evening yesterday and turned it into the perfect summer night at home. And it was much simpler than you'd think. All it took was some homemade guacamole, red wine sangria, crackers, and chips.

For the sangria
All we did was chopped up fresh peaches and strawberries and mixed {almost} equal parts red wine and Sprite. Throw in some ice cubes and you're done! Yummy bonus -- eating the wine-soaked fruits at the end.

For the guacamole
Just your standard guacamole.. avocados, tomatoes, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Instead of using chopped onions, we actually seasoned with onion flakes and oregano.

For Wheat Thin snacks
Basically just Wheat Thins topped with some Laughing Cow Swiss cheese spread, which is then topped with some strawberry jam. We both love the sweet & salty combination, and I think this is something that would taste good with just about any spreadable cheese + jam you have on hand.

We added chips & Triscuits to the mix for dipping, and just like that we enjoyed a simple yet relaxing girls' night -- sitting outside, snacking, and talking. Exactly what Sunday nights in the summer should feel like, if you ask me!

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