On Thursday I flew out to Arizona with my sister and mom to visit family for a few days. My sister and I jokingly call our uncle's house in Phoenix a resort, but in all seriousness it was so relaxing that we barely left the house all weekend {this may have also been due in part to the unbearably hot weather}. Overall, I loved getting the chance to unwind and do nothing while also spending time with people I love. Here are some simple snapshots of our weekend..
{Touched down at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport}

{A meditating Buddha surrounded by cacti}

{The prime spot for poolside reading...}

{...which I did lots of}

{Delicious home-cooked dinner after an afternoon spent in the pool}

{The essentials}

{Where we'd spend our evenings after the sun went down}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

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