Olympic Fashion


When it comes to the Olympics, it's almost impossible to get away from all the hype and coverage -- whether on my Twitter feed, on my Yahoo homepage, or when I flip channels on the TV, it seems I'm constantly coming across the games. So.. it was pretty inevitable that the Olympics would make their way onto the blog sooner or later. While I love to watch volleyball, gymnastics, and swim, I can't say I've been following anything too closely. Still, I know I'm not the only one who has taken note of the various Olympics uniforms. For me, Team Netherlands takes the gold for their style by Suitsupply. I just love the orange, blue, and white {a color combination that's not always easy to pull off} and the tulips are such a cute little detail. The women looked so pretty in their orange coats, cobalt blue dresses and matching ballet flats. Even the white pants & navy blazer combination looked so chic on the Dutch athletes! 
And who doesn't love when a guy can pull off orange pants and a blue coat?! 
I rest my case. 

As for the Team USA uniforms, which received some heat due to the fact that the Ralph Lauren designed ensembles were actually made in China, and not here in the US, it didn't do much for me. The uniforms did look crisp and professional, but were nothing exciting and something about the berets almost made me think of flight attendants? Either way, my #1 pick will still be the Dutch team. 

Which country sported your favorite look? What did you think of the Ralph Lauren designs on Team USA? 

images via skimbacolifestyle.com

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