Lucerne 2009

So I'm just sitting here. Dreaming about some beautiful places and kinda sorta wishing someone would just invent a teleportation device already. So it was pretty much a no-brainer to share with you all my love of travel today by telling you about one of my favorite countries ever, Switzerland. It's been about three years since my sister and I made the trip out there, and I still find myself missing it all the time. Here are just some of the memorable moments..
Zurich Train Station. We took many, many day trips throughout our stay in Zurich, so of course we spent lots of time at this train station but we didn't mind one bit. Rather than letting ourselves get stressed amidst all the traveling, we had so much fun people watching

Geneva. I think it goes without saying that I fell in love with this city. It was refreshingly nice to be able to understand the language {French}, since we had been staying in Zurich and sadly neither of us speaks a word of German. Having crepes {and later gelato} by Lake Geneva was so unbelievably serene and it was just one of those simple moments I always remember

Lugano. Not only did we discover a delicious Italian restaurant where we made friends with all the waiters, we also got to take in an amazing view..

Bahnhofstrasse. While we were staying in Zurich, we spent a lot of time in this downtown area, which is pretty much like the Champs-Elysees of Zurich. Just looking at the cute and always extravagant window displays at the Sprungli chocolate shop was a treat in itself {and don't get me started on Swiss chocolate}

And this is just grazing the surface of it! We met so many sweet people {is it just me or are the Swiss incredibly nice?} and made countless memories {sounds so cheesy but true all the same}
So if you're looking for somewhere to jet off to in the near future...
.. just please take me with? 

Have any of you been to Switzerland? I'd love to hear some stories! 

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