Orange You Glad I Wore Orange?


Dress: Foreign Exchange; Shoes: Cathy Jean; Necklace: Forever21; Belt: Zara; Cuff Bracelet: H&M; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Things to note about this look & the day in general..

A bright and bold colored dress was probably the easiest way to amp up the excitement
for a sorority event I had to attend early Sunday morning {required attire: tea party/bridal shower}

This color {which is bright orange, though it looks red in photos} would look much better
with a nice tan -- something my legs desperately need. I smell many beach days in my near future!

That blue, gold, and white chunky necklace is actually more versatile than you'd think.
My originally planned outfit was fairly neutral, with the exception of the statement necklace..
after changing my mind about the dress {ok, ok.. maybe it was my sister/style consultant who helped changed my mind}
I decided to keep the necklace on anyways

Nude mary-jane pumps really do go with anything. Period.

After spending an entirely too-long day in heels & in traffic, running on 5 hours of sleep..
nothing beats that look you and your best friend give each other {at said event} that says
"we need to stop at a Starbucks on our way out of here.. for my sanity"

A short, flouncy skirt definitely makes a girl want to twirl around
like she's still five years old playing dress up. No? Just me?

Annnnd clearly I'm really bad at coming up with cute and clever titles
{and should have probably hit the delete button when I had the chance}

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