Personal Style with Andrea D.


I officially have ONE more final left before I can kiss this incredibly long semester goodbye. Thank you for dealing with my sporadic posting and constant complaining and all that good stuff for the past week or so. Thank you also to my French professor for pretending not to notice when I showed up 55 minutes late to my final yesterday... even though I was on campus early, getting coffee and trying to kill time because I was convinced my final started at 9 and not 8. Um, yeah, I was wrong.. and, thankfully, not alone. BUT you don't want to hear about my awkward and embarrassing brain farts, right? Instead, one of my favorite bloggers {and fellow Californian} Andrea D. from {Left Brain, Right Brain, Pug Brain} is here to get you through this Hump Day! I just adore her supercute style {can you blame me?} and her blog is always a good read. See what she has to say about personal style...
How do you define personal style? Is it just the clothes you choose, or how you wear them?
 Is it about how you feel in your own skin? Is personality incorporated?
Personal style is a funny thing; for me, at least, it's constantly evolving. Five years ago, the idea of me writing a blog post about style would have seemed like a joke. Suggesting that I post weekly photos of my own outfits would have been hilarious, because I wore sweatpants and t-shirts to school every day. Literally.
Every. Single. Day.
But now, blogging about my life and style is exactly what I’m doing. Go figure, right?
In high school, if you had asked me to describe my personal style I could have summed it up in one little word: LAZY. If I had to get dressed up, I could do it, no problem. And I actually enjoyed getting dressed up for prom or a date night, but for every day wear, you’d mostly find me so lazy that I couldn’t be bothered to dry my hair or put in contacts. But when my husband and I graduated from college and moved from Missouri to Los Angeles this past January, I couldn’t think of a better fresh start for my style. And now, if you asked me to describe my personal style, my answer would be a lot different. It would definitely require more than one word, that’s for sure. Fashion is an exciting way to show your creative side, and I use my clothing to show off multiple facets of my personality.
Some days, I’m a little bit preppy
Other days, my inner hippie displays herself.
Occasionally, I go full glamazon
But whatever I’m wearing, I make sure I feel confident and happy in it.
Sure, I love wearing trends…but only if they work for me.
(Because does it matter that you're wearing the "hottest trend" if you feel like a marshmallow
or your shoes are giving you enormous blisters?)
So, what trends am I loving for spring and summer? Neons and pastels, fringe on anything, high-low skirts and maxi dresses, statement pieces, peplum and tribal prints (seriously, I could have a closet full of tribal patterns and still want more). What trends aren’t working for me? Socks with heels (I’m short, and cutting off my leg with a sock just makes me look like I’m in grade school),
 leather pants (more power to those who can rock them, but my bum likes pants 
that minimize its size) and wedge sneakers (I just don’t like ‘em).
And the beautiful thing is, there are so many styles out there, 
everyone’s bound to find something they love. 
And just as no two people are exactly alike, 
neither are two individuals' personal styles.
“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent
How would you describe your personal style right now? 

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