Shirt: Forever21; Tee: Urban Outfitters; Pants: Pacsun; Shoes: H&M; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

After staying up until 3:30 AM this past Saturday to write a research paper {partyyy}, and dreading next week's finals, I decided it'd be wise to just make a simple list of things I'm liking so far this week..

I'm liking Jersey Mike's. If they have a location where you are in the world, you really need to try this place. 
Sometimes nothing hits the spot more than a good old sub sandwich.   

I'm liking how comfortable chambray + a graphic tee really is for the week-before-finals look.

I'm liking the fact that it IS the week before finals. Despite the whole studying part.. I'm liking that my summer is oh so close. 

I'm liking all the yummy recipes I've pinned on Pinterest, which I plan to try very soon.

I'm liking that it's finally sandal weather. Now pleaseee stay warm and sunny! 

Annnd I'm liking these sandals in particular, which I got in Europe last summer 
when my luggage was lost and all I had was a pair of Toms. If shoes could talk!

I know it's only Tuesday.. but what are YOU liking so far? 
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