Coffee With Tiffany


Okay so today I'm bringing you yet another fabulous blogger.. I don't know how much of an introduction this lady really needs, but as you will soon see, she's just all around the sweetest and so much fun. Meet Tiffany from {The Coffeehouse} .. see what she has to say about husbands, dogs, and clothes. Then, head on over to her blog for more! 
Hi there. I’m Tiffany, husband is Dan and lab is Sherman.
I blog over at The Coffeehouse, a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with coffee.
Yes, I know what you're thinking …
if her blog doesn’t have anything to do with coffee, it must have something to do with fashion.
Otherwise, why in the world is this coffeehouse girl blogging over here on dreaming en francais?

I asked myself the very same thing. I did.
About 204 times.

And then I remembered that maybe I do have style after all.
I mean, how can you go on a first date looking like this and not have style?
How can you be attracted to a boy with a 6-inch mohawk and not have style? 
Yes, that is a real mohawk on top of husband's head.
This was our very first date (80s Prom) back in 2004.
Wigs were encouraged.
But, style or no style ...
husband still decided to marry me.

And I try to keep our relationship interesting by wearing "pants with a zipper"
(as husband likes to call them) every great once in a while. 
What do I wear the rest of the time?
I'm never telling.

So for now, I will leave the fashion blogging up to the amazing and oh-so-talented 
dreaming en francais.
I will continue to stalk her blog daily and wish that I had her sense of style.
And most importantly, I will stick to what I am best at ...
posting goofy pictures of my dog ...
and the occasional picture with my head chopped off.

So, come on over to The Coffeehouse and have a cup of joe with me
(and husband and Sherman). We're kind of a group deal.

See you soon!

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