Anyone who knows me knows just how much my taste buds love the whole salty + sweet combination. When out to breakfast, I've been known to dip my bacon in maple syrup.. and every winter, I impatiently await the arrival of salted caramel hot chocolate and load up on it. So naturally, I think covering pretzels with chocolate is a genius idea! Which is why I love making my very own batch at home. The last time I made these bad boys, I used white chocolate, so this time I plan to switch it up with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

I know I don't do a whole lot of recipes on here, but it's unbelievably easy, fun to decorate, and SO yummy!

1. Melt chocolate chips (or candy melts) in microwave for 30 seconds. Take out, stir, pop it back in for another 30 seconds. Repeat until completely smooth and melted (but be careful not to over-do it! nobody likes a burnt chocolate mess)
2. Drop entire pretzel into the chocolate
3. Once it's been entirely coated, fish it back out with a fork. Give it a little shake to achieve the perfect amount of chocolate coating
4. Place on baking sheet lined with parchment paper
5. Decorate before it dries! I like to use sprinkles, but you can also use different colored frosting and a piping bag to create a drizzle
6. Let them just sit there for a bit until they harden -- it reallly takes no time at all, promise :)

And there you go! Next time you're craving something sweet & salty, you can whip up a batch for yourself.. they're also cute and yummy enough to give away! That is, IF you can part from them..

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