Beachy Dreams


With the back-to-back beautiful & sunny days we've been having in LA lately, I've been finding myself itching for a full-on beach day -- just leaving behind any and all notion of responsibility and heading straight for Pacific Coast Highway. I can't wait until Spring Break, because I know we're going to do exactly that at LEAST once that week. And I just can't wait to spend some time on the pier, eat yummy food, sink my toes into the warm sand, and watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean with my favorite. 

Because I've had the beach on my mind so much lately, I decided to create a look centered around just that..
Sweater: Topshop; Shorts: Juicy Couture; Bikini: Miss Selfridge; Shoes: Kate Spade; Cross Bracelet: Club Manhattan; Bangles: Debenhams

What do you think?? I definitely want to get my hands on a similar bright bathing suit soon, and I love the idea of covering it up with a chunky knit sweater for when the breezy Spring weather kicks in. I also am loving striped shorts -- you all know how much I love my stripes! 

 Happy Monday, lovelies xo

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