Barcelona Photo Diary


As promised, here are some more pictures from my most recent trip to Europe this summer. This set is from our time in Barcelona. It was my first time in Spain, and Barcelona quickly became one of my favorite cities. I honestly can't wait to go back there! Soon I hope! 

Funny story about this trip, ready? The airline decided it'd be cool to lose our luggage for the entire two weeks that we were in Europe. Yup. And of course, I had decided to try my hand at traveling "light" and didn't take a carry-on... clearly this proved to be a bad idea. So with nothing but the clothes on our backs and our purses, bestie and I frantically went shopping for an entire new wardrobe in Madrid, Barcelona, and Florence, as well as hit up a bunch of local markets for essential hygiene items. Needless to say, we had to bust out our survival skills -- BIG TIME. It was obviously tragic not having any of my planned outfits with me, but I have to say we handled it all pretty well and still managed to have an incredible trip. And, a couple of days after I return to Los Angeles, what do I find on my doorstep, all zipped up and packed just the way I left it? Sigh.

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