Hello there


Hello to any readers I may possibly have out there, somewhere! Welcome to dreaming en francais. However you managed to stumble upon this little space of mine, I hope you take off your coat and stay a while! I was basically inspired by a lot of my favorite blogs to create something that's entirely mine.. what makes my blog different from a lot of other fashion/lifestyle blogs (many of which I admire completely) is that the outfits I will be featuring will be 100% affordable and accessible to the everyday woman. While I absolutely love (and constantly drool over) so, so many high-end designers, realistically, as a college student, my closet is not exactly filled to the brim with Chanel and Louboutins and the like (but a girl can dream, can't she?). At any rate, I do hope this little blog of mine can be relatable, enjoyable, and maybe even a little bit inspiring to someone out there. That's all I can really hope for!

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